Sunday, June 30, 2013

Just Right

Wow, I've definitely neglected my blog in the past few weeks. Busy hardly defines my summer so far. School, work, friends, photography, babysitting, etc. have all filled my time. They are all things I love and learning how to juggle them all is like learning a circus act. So far, though, I have enjoyed every minute of it. With Jordan gone it can get lonely at my place so I've been trying to keep busy and have sleep overs as much as possible. He comes home late tonight and then leaves again in a week to travel with the band Burgundy Road. I'm really proud of him for doing what he loves and being able to make decent money while he does it. That's my dream/goal :) I thought I would post a few random pictures from the past few weeks. Some are of friends and family, some are of me. Hope you enjoy!

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